Boss (ボス Bosu) is a male human who is a minor member of LINE friends. He is sometimes seen pairing with James.


Boss is an oversized middle-aged man with a potbelly. He has a fat face, a nearly bald head and moustache. He also wears a pair of glasses on his face. He is usually seen wearing a suit, including a red tie, a white shirt and a pair of brown trousers, which is paired with a pair of black shoes.


As some of the middle aged men, he is prone and seems to like reading pornography magazines and always arrive home really late, which angers his wife. Further, he seldom treats his colleagues very good, meaning that he is strict and sneaky. Nonetheless, he dislikes his wife and is usually afraid of her. In LINE OFFLINE, however, his kind side is shown.


See Boss/image gallery.


  • Boss is the eldest character among the protagonists.
  • He is the only character without the true name revealed.