Cony(コニー Konī)is a female rabbit who is a second main member of LINE friends. She is Brown's wife & Jessica's best friend.


Cony is a white rabbit. She has small, black eyes, a short tail & short ears. She mostly wears a white blouse and a pink skirt in LINE OFFLINE. Sometimes she is shown to have oval-shaped eyes with long eyelashes after she puts on her cosmetics.


Although Cony looks really adorable, she is bad-tempered and always punishes her friends in a harsh way such as punching them and beating them up (especially Moon) when she goes bananas. However she is being kind and gentle to Brown most of the time. Also, she is a glutton and this nature always causes her to fail reducing her weight. On the other hand, nonetheless, she doesn't have very high confidence and she has to give herself some makeup to become more beautiful.

In LINE OFFLINE her gluttonous nature is exaggerated and in LINE TOWN she is shown to be more easy-going and active, though her greedy side towards food doesn't change.



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  • Many people thinks that Cony only loves Brown but actually she also idolizes James.
  • Cony & Brown are the most popular characters among LINE friends.
  • She is one of the four original characters.
  • Fans, especially subbers, often referred to Cony as Connie.
  • Like Brown and Moon, even Cony has a sibling. Nevertheless, he is not a member of LINE Friends.
  • According to the manga series, Cony has a sad backstory.
  • She once worked as manga artist Potofu Ashisawa's substitute assistant, but her work was highly denied by Ashisawa himself.
  • Though Sally is one of her friends, it seems that she has some kind of hatred/jealousy towards her, since they were love rivals.