James (ジェームズ Jēmuzu) is a young guy who is a total narcissist. He is sometimes shown to be tagging along with Boss. He's very close with Moon (though they sometimes fight)and Brown is one of his best friends.


James has long, straight, golden hair and has a pair of dark, bright eyes. He wears a white jacket, a vest, a pair of black trousers and black shoes. Sometimes he is holding a red rose with him.


As a narcissist, James really cares about his beauty, especially his hair. Even though he is easy to give up, he is usually positive, but sometimes he is quite brainless and timid. Moreover, he is too soft-hearted to girls and likes eating very much. He may be self-centered, but he cares for his friends and will definitely help them when he knows he must! In LINE OFFLINE he is more prideful while he shows more optimistic in LINE TOWN.


See James/image gallery.


  • James & Jessica are the only protagonists who have the same letter("J") at the first of their names.
  • It seems he is Caucasian (as some stickers and scenes in LINE OFFLINE and LINE TOWN show that his eyes are originally blue).
  • Although it is still a mystery that he is Jessica's boyfriend or not(because even the only proof they are paired together is shown that Jessica slapped him on the face and kicked him), it seems he likes her, but his action is not as obvious as Moon's. Nevertheless, they are often paired together.
    • His favorite animal is the cat, which is a possible reason for him to like Jessica.
  • James is the tallest among the characters. He is also the second-eldest (male) protagonist.
  • James used to have a real girlfriend, sadly they had broken up already.
  • He is one of the four original characters, the others being Brown, Cony, and Moon.
  • His popularity is dropping recently, which is a disadvantage for him.
  • Cony originally loves him in LINE OFFLINE, while they were just friends in LINE Town.
  • It was revealed in LINE TOWN that he has a small blue mirror.
  • According to LINE TOWN, James has acrophobia.
  • His favorite color is purple.
  • He seems to be the richest character as he has a convertible and a motorcycle called Red.
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