Jessica (ジェシカ Jeshika) is a female cat who is a minor member of LINE friends. She's Cony's best friend.


Jessica is a black-&-white cat. Most parts of her body are white except her right eye, body patch & the end of her tail. Her eyes are deep black and oval with Eyelashes.


Jessica is elegant and always being kind and friendly to Cony(even though sometimes she is strict to Cony). She cares about things that her friends doesn't mind and she gives advices to them when they are having trouble. However, she can be very cruel to others (especially the boys)when she hits the ceiling. In LINE OFFLINE she is shown to be more mature while she seems to be more gentle in LINE TOWN.


See Jessica/image gallery.


  • Although Jessica is a main character, she mostly appeared in the background.
  • Jessica is the least known female character among LINE friends.
  • She is the eldest and the tallest among the girls.
  • Jessica's tail is excluded in LINE OFFLINE in order to make her more personification.
  • Her right eye is always hidden when it closes, so sometimes the designers just don't draw it.
  • In All about Brown - Ep.06, Moon and Jessica are married, but in the reality their relationship is still unclear.
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