LINE OFFLINE Salaryman is the first series of LINE friends. It is produced by Shogakukan Productions. There are 114 episodes in total.




In the phone company called Line Corporation, there live in a group of ordinary and interesting people: The protagonist Moon, is a regular high-intensity worker who always works overtime, but during his dozing at working hours, his face is like a full moon, and the wind flutters his vibrissa, which makes his colleagues getting headache. Also, his drowsiness specialty is rely on his instinct to walk and shave; Cony, the rabbit who is keen to lose weight and the graceful figured kitten Jessica seem the most normal, they are girl-friends who joined the company at the same period; Manager James, the President's son who feels super good about himself; Moon's best friend - the silence but sly bear Brown, and the most human-shaped and not subordinate tempered person-the good old minister (Boss). Within a small office, funny stories out-force and alternately staged ......



  • Each story premieres for 3-5 minutes only, so some longer stories had cut into parts.
  • In this anime, Cony has a crush on James rather on Brown.
  • There are 2 Meeting episodes, 2 Memory episodes and 2 Security episodes.


  1. Stare
  2. Drowsy
  3. Phone Calls
  4. Complaints
  5. Preso
  6. Meeting
  7. Snack
  8. Sleepy
  9. A Secret
  10. Tired
  11. Memory
  12. Receipt
  13. Lady Sally
  14. Stoamach Ache
  15. Mask
  16. Overtime
  17. Fortunetelling
  18. Magic
  19. Physical Examination
  20. Pressure
  21. Surveillance
  22. Diet
  23. Security
  24. Club
  25. Souvenirs
  26. Lunch
  27. Bag
  28. Battery
  29. Cookies
  30. Meeting
  31. Dream
  32. Cold
  33. Stickers
  34. Talents
  35. Ice Cream
  36. Office Lovers
  37. Floating Tea Stalk
  38. Trash Can
  39. Garbage Can
  40. Rice Ball
  41. Tie
  42. Summoned
  43. Cony (Glass)
  44. Mr. Moon (Glass)
  45. The Manager (Glass)
  46. Drinking Party
  47. Mirror
  48. Casters
  49. Memory
  50. Pranks
  51. Security
  52. Fart
  53. Spilling Over
  54. Original
  55. The Ultimate Presentation Tip
  56. I Don't Remember
  57. Fortune
  58. Intense! Haiku Club
  59. The Boss Gives His All
  60. Moon's Dirty Room
  61. That Clinking Thing
  62. Brown in the Restroom
  63. Trashion Impossible
  64. Ponnus Ponnu?
  65. Prostration
  66. The Cockroaches Strike Back
  67. Loving the Centerfold
  68. You're my Shangri-La
  69. Love Those Masks
  70. A Mixer with Flight Attendants
  71. Ponnus Ponnu
  72. Goodbye, James (part one)
  73. Goodbye, James (part two)
  74. Goodbye, James (final part)
  75. Sally & the Dragon
  76. Double Dragon
  77. Outbreak
  78. A Sticky Situation
  79. Marital Fight
  80. Welcome, Oil Baron
  81. Sally's Psycho Test
  82. Consolation Party for Moon
  83. Sally's Job
  84. Curse of the Kekoshi Doll
  85. A SayingHe's Tempted to Use on Wednesday
  86. Everyone's Wok
  87. Umbrella of Kindness
  88. You're not Going Home Tonight
  89. Perfectionist
  90. Moon's Secrets Exposed!
  91. Just the way Cony is
  92. Itching James
  93. Boss! I Can't Hold It
  94. Lovely Skin! Summer Makeup!
  95. No Food was Wasted in the Making of This Episode
  96. A Celebration of the Manager
  97. Moon is Happy to Answer Any Question
  98. Cony Does Her Best
  99. A Trip to Hawaii for Two
  100. Men Who Make Everyone Wet
  101. Sally's Job 2
  102. Who Wants to be a Zillionaire?
  103. Oh Yeah! Let's Go to Atami!
  104. A Heated Meeting
  105. Intense Boss Story
  106. The Marvellous Pudding That Always Sells Out!
  107. The Private Life of a Capable Man
  108. A Little-Known Horror Called Back Pain
  109. A Little-Known Horror Called Money Issues
  110. A Little-Known Horror Called Social Hierarchy
  111. The Last Salaryman (part one)
  112. The Last Salaryman (part two)
  113. The Last Salaryman (final part)
  114. The Making of The Last Salaryman