Meet Again and Shadow TITLE CARD

Meet Again/Shadow

Warning: Spoiler Alert!!

"Meet Again / Shadow" are the stories in LINE TOWN Episode 4.


Meet Again

One day, James is told by Brown that Cony is having a problem. He thinks it is something serious so the two boys go to
find her.

At the meantime, Cony is playing the "love me, love me not" game, sitting in the park. Knowing that she is upsetting about some personal issues, James believes it is all because she has fallen in love with someone and he treats it as an easy case. He walks to her and asks about her situation, but turns out to be beaten by Cony instead, until Brown stops her when he faints.

Brown unhappy
In Cony's house, Cony decides to tell her four friends: James, Brown, Moon and Jessica, that she is going to meet her childhood pen pal, Michael, who she has a crush on. She even says he used to be a baby model because he is handsome, and this makes Brown very unhappy while his three friends surround his favourite girl. Nonetheless, she hesitates to meet Michael, and she tells Jessica because in the letter she writes to him recently, she lied that she is being a slim and beautiful lady and makes him thinks she is being employed by a "Star Detective"(the fact is she is fat and doesn't have any qualities of being a lady). Moon exposes her lies in the letter and Cony cries, saying that she just wants to give Michael a good impression. Seeing her crying, James, who boasts how handsome he is, tells Cony that he is going to train her to become a lady. At first, Cony seems to believe him a little, then she is impressed and accepts his help.

Firstly, he gives Cony a fashion check, and she chooses her favourite skirt. She tries to claim that she didn't gain any weight by saying the skirt had shrunken, but Moon and Jessica still discover the truth. Furthermore, Moon shows her some old photos from Brown's cellphone, making her finds herself has increased three kilograms and feels very down.