Sally(サリー Sarī)is a female chick who is the fifth main member of LINE friends. She is Brown's tag-along buddy who also gets a lot of attention from him.


Sally has a pair of tiny black eyes, an orange beak and a body with yellow feathers. She also has a pair of small feet.


Although she is naive, Sally can be quite clever sometimes. Furthermore, she is also a bit cunning because the lack of attention from her friends, such as intending to steal Brown's heart by sticking by his side.



See Sally/image gallery.


  • Apart from Cony, Sally is another character who appears with Brown the most.
  • Sally is one of the youngest characters, the others are Choco, Leonard and Edward.
  • Surprisingly, Sally gains lots of fans even she often acts as a background character.
  • Even though Sally is very young, she still gets a chance to be a businesswoman.
  • Sally is frequently being mistaken as a duckling.